Blond-It’s Favorite Interior Designer For Home Decor

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Gale Sitomer

After a successful career in fashion and event production, Gale Sitomer discovered her passion and talent for interior design while supervising the design and construction details of her own residences and workplace.  She knew she wanted to help others find their happiness through their living space.

Whether meeting the demands of a New York City retail boutique, commercial showroom space, a city apartment or townhouse, or a beachfront retreat, Gale is always providing top notch service to her client’s.

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Blond-it’s Favorite Interior Designer: Antony Todd

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The goal of Antony Todd Inc. is to create a space where the eye is constantly challenged. The combination of pared down elegance, sophistication and eclectic use of elements is what makes this art distinctively his.  For the past twenty years, Antony Todd has been timelessly styling events and homes all over the world.

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