Blond- it’s Favorite Children’s Boutique

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English Rabbit
All your favorite local children’s boutique labels and designer European brands are under one roof in  their new retail shop. Along with bespoke gifting and at-home personal styling services. With  everything from casual trousers to festive frocks, there’s always room to grow at English Rabbit.
Personal stylist available
9412 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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I am thrilled to share the news that my groundbreaking ring collection, MOMENTS,
launches today on Gemvara, a Berkshire Hathaway company   

Gemvara is a high-tech site that allows you to customize your unique and stunning ring
to your favorite gemstone color (sapphire, ruby or emerald) and your favorite color gold
(white, yellow or pink). 

MOMENTS pairs the brilliance and beauty of the world’s most innovative lab-grown
diamonds and colored gemstones with exquisite, modern settings. The recent
breakthrough in the technology creating lab-grown diamonds and precious gemstones
now makes it possible to celebrate your special moments with my breathtaking
collection at a fraction of the price. These innovative gemstones are chemically,
physically and optically identical to those mined underground. Better yet, they are
ethically manufactured and have a much lighter carbon footprint than diamonds and
gems mined underground. 

It was my dream to create jewelry that is beautiful, colorful, sustainable and affordable.
As a grandmother to Tula Bee and a mother to three 20-something and thirty-something
children, I am super conscious of protecting the planet.  MOMENTS does just that!  It is
an innovator, a first mover in an explosive new market, the only collection to-date which
offers a combination of lab-grown precious gemstones and lab-grown diamonds. I
couldn’t have done it without Ofer, whose legendary jewelry expertise and market savvy
helped make my dream a reality. 

I hope you take the time to go to  and check out
MOMENTS. If you find something you love, I offer you my personal 25% discount code:
MOMENTSLORI (just enter in the promo box). I would absolutely love for you to be my
brand ambassadors and spread the word to your friends, family and Instagram

I send deep gratitude to my friends for supporting me in every moment of our shared
lives,  and for your eternal belief in every dream I have…and every dream you have.

All my love,

Lori Shabtai

Blond-It’s Current Fashion Trends

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1. Glam-Leisure

Remember when athleisure fashion took over the streets of NYC and LA by storm? Guess what, it’s time for athleisure fashion to scooch over and make way for glam-leisure. Track suits, vests and dresses paired with ankle socks and strappy heels is what’s trending now.

2. Off-White

From Fendi to Dior – the resort 2019 trends revolve majorly around off-white and beige color palette with accent accessories such as a chic leather belt or even a leather vest or corset. Make sure the neutrals dominate your vocational wardrobe next year.

3. Skirts that Mean Business

Pleated skirts were incorporated in a myriad of resort 2019 collections. It was refreshing to see long pleated skirts with crisp button-downs and accessorized with mannish macho accessories such as a tailored boxy blazer. Skirts aren’t commemorating bohemian romantic beach vibes anymore; this year, they mean business!

4 A touch of Gold

Let’s just say the golden age is just around the corner. From Gucci to N021, accents of gold were spotted let it be a sequin skirt, a statement vest or a silk scarf with gold paisley prints.

5 Tuxedo Dresses

Tuxedos customized and tailored to be styled as sassy mini-dresses as seen on Victoria Beckham was one of the most refreshing thing on the runways. Pair them with classic peep toes and gold jewelry for an added panache.

6 The Landscape Imagery

In case you were wondering, digital prints in artsy motifs and the quintessential resort prints – the infamous landscape imagery isn’t going anywhere. Off-shoulder dresses in pastel bases with vibrant palm tree prints or off-white skirts paired with printed silk blouses are expected to trend.

7 Gingham

Forget plaids and checkered, gingham is the new cool thing! Blazers, trousers and skirts – gingham snuck its way to the runways in a plethora of styles.

Blond-It’s Guide to Fashion and Style

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I strive for every area of this blond’s life is in perfect harmony, as often as possible.

Fashion sense or Style as I like to think of it, is the very indescribable characteristic or quality that one has or simply does not . When someone has it – you can’t miss it. There are those people, we all know them, who make heads turn when they enter a room.  It’s not based on beauty, a particular dress or outfit, but something else you know is present. Like thoughts, food, exercise, picnics or menus style, it is yet another medium to express your values, commitments, passions, desire, love, and creativity. In the end  fashion sends all a subtle authentic whisper of a message .

This blond was raised by a true glamour girl of a different era. My mother, at the same time, was a woman who survived loss of her mom as a teen, widowhood in her 20’s , heartbreak , the depression, world war II, the loss of her twin sister , a divorce and every other imaginable life circumstance. But still along with many ups and downs of life, hemlines and values, her style remained true to herself.

I remember as a young girl my mom taught me less is more and quality never goes out of style.  Classic is the way to be, rather than an entire closet full of trendy items.  A great bag and shoes with a simple trench coat could transform a day dress to the most sexy evening attire if the attitude of wearer was right.

Her basic credo was that it is most important to own the following:

  • a few great black dresses
  • perfect black day and evening heels
  • stunning classic leather boots
  • a great daytime bag or two beyond a classic (1 black alligator bag , silk evening bag)
  • something with sparkle
  • well fitting slacks or jeans
  • few cashmere sweaters
  • great classic coat a year
  • divine evening coat  
  • Pearls or small diamond earrings

For this blond, like breakfast, every outfit starts with an inspiration.

I’m not a big “outfit” planner unless I’m traveling, or that an occasion requires me to be  I make my purchases as beautiful things present themselves to me ( often on sale ) .

I don’t believe in fashion trends or momentary fads.

For me a woman ( or man ) should create their style and live within the inner and outer blurring of those lines – for the most part.