Los Angeles Artist Kimberly Brooks

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By Elizabeth Sobieski
When I grow up, I want to be like the multi-hyphenate artist Kimberly Brooks.  (Only I
sort of grew up before she did, so this particular ambition would be difficult to realize.)
 Kimberly is just concluding a retrospective focused on her fifteen year career as a
painter of magical and mysterious, and often jewel and metal-toned canvases, evoking
both history and timelessness, somehow equally as haunted as inviting.  Her stunning
exhibition, “Fever Dreams”, is on display at the Mt. San Antonio College of Art Gallery,
in the LA suburb of Walnut, featuring 32 paintings and 20 works on paper.  Her oil-on-
linen paintings of varying sizes combine elements of abstraction with figuration.  They
are luminous dreamscapes, as opulent as they are spiritual. 
 I have been assiduously following the Venice-based artist’s career over the last eight or
nine years.  In 2010, along with being a deeply committed painter, she founded the Arts
& Sciences section of the “Huffington Post”(to which I have contributed on a regular
 Her vivid artwork then focused on women of great style (which Kimberly also is), but
most particularly on influential professional stylists like Grace
Coddington and Elizabeth Stewart, with an emphasis on pattern, fabric and the
female form. Her paintings now are even more masterful, and often have an Orientalist
quality, depicting lavish dream-inducing interiors and phantom-like exteriors.
 Along with being a supremely talented artist, esteemed editor, award-winning teacher,
and striking blonde beauty, she also has given a much watched TEDx talk on the
subject of creativity. 
 A native of San Francisco and a graduate of Berkeley, the now Angeleno artist is the
mother of two college-age children and the wife of the equally extraordinary Albert
Brooks.  Yes, that Albert Brooks.  Incredibles attract.  She is also he daughter of the
late Dr. Leonard Shlain, author of “Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and
 Kimberly Brooks and her work have been written about in numerous publications
including “Vanity Fair.”  The commentary for the Mt. San Antonio show depicts some of
her most recent paintings:  “In the large triptych “Through the Looking Glass” Brooks
features an inception-like image of a landscape within another painting of a landscape.
In “Jerusalem”, a vibrant mosaic on silver dances next to and on top of a loose
underpainting and geometric floor.  In the diptych, “Bel Air”, a vase-strewn ledge
overlooks an ancient forest as if peering from a balcony within a tapestry.”

This exhibition was just selected “Artillery” magazine’s “Pick of the Week”.  Kimberly
Brooks is also the author of the upcoming book: “The Essential Guide: Oil Painting Safe
Practices & Supplies.”
To learn more about the artist, please take a look at:

Fawn, 2018

Russian Room

Blue Drawing Room


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