Blond-It’s Go To Recovery Drinks

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H2O is the cure for every beauty, fitness and wellness must. From chapped lips to puffy
eyes to breakouts around chin to pigmentation around your mouth – there isn’t an issue
you cannot trace back to lack of hydration. But – sometimes, simple pure good ol’ plain
water doesn’t just cut it. You need something a little more potent and substantial to keep
you hydrated and energized; flush off nasty toxins; and boost up your energy levels.
Here are four popular health drinks I swear by:

1 The Lemon & Ginger Infused Water

From time immemorial, lemon and ginger infused hot water has been a cult favorite for
women. We swear by the magical effects this has on your skin, metabolism and overall
energy when you kick start your day with a steaming hot mug of this holistic au-neutral
goodness. Ginger regulates digestive system so no acne or breakouts; lemon clears
your system and enhances metabolism.

2 Coconut Water

We swear by the miraculous properties of natural coconut water on your skin, nails and
hair. Need we say more? I try to keep a bottle of coconut water handy at all times. It
packs more potassium in your body than a banana and if you’re one to drink your
calories, you better make it this one!

3 The Dandelion Tea

Have you yet tried drinking dandelion root infused water with a dash of cranberry juice?
The concoction is packed with antioxidants – the best age-resisting element to occur
naturally; keeps your liver healthy and regulates digestion.


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