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Jose Eber:

His history includes Farrah’s famous hair style that made every little girl in America try to imitate the Farrah hair and every young man hang a poster on his bedroom wall…

Every legendary beauty has trusted her tresses in his hands and even today… his magic still reigns…

Address: 360 N Camden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Joseph Battisti Salon
“Joey“ is the magic behind the color, cut and extensions of every socialite and busy business woman’s powerful mane.
Located on a quiet side street just off Park Ave. He creates his magic in secret.
Appointments are on a exclusive basis only.
In New York City there is no other more wonderful escape than to indulge yourself with hair color and cut.  Manis and Pedis done in a private VIP area, and in the warmer months on his private backyard patio where you can conference with London, Paris or NYC Real Estate icons, while getting the full treatment and “of course” closing your deal.
If you can’t get an appointment… maybe drop Blond-it’s whisper and you may stand a chance.
For a discreet, glamorous and always perfect hair! 

Address (keep it secret): 136 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021, USA




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