Blond-it – How To Set A New Year’s Intention

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The best period to reflect on everything you’ve learned about yourself in the past year is the
beginning of the new year. This is the best time to decide on how you want to grow in the New
Year, and instead of following the crowd of people who set resolutions that can quickly come
and go, it is advisable that you set intentions that will help improve and be the best version of
yourself. Doing this will help you prioritize what’s most important, focus your mind, and start
making transformations within yourself. Setting intentions gives us the purpose of carrying on
even when we lose sight of our purpose. Concentrate on your heart and what’s important to you
creates clarity and self-discovery.
Here a few tips for deciding on your intentions in this New Year:

  1. Self-compassion
    Self-compassion is no doubt an appropriate intention. Self-compassion helps us remember that
    we are merely doing the best we can and our flaws make us relatable evem when we go down
    the rabbit hole of shaming. Doing this every time we are faced with one or two challenges we
    will be ready to embrace all that is good and inspire us to face the coming months.
  2. Drop the negative self-talk
    Negative self-talk is exhausting. self-compassion practices, mindfulness loving kindness, and
    having a healthy sense of humor, can help us avoid the negative stories and see the bigger
  3. Connect with the elements of your life
    Connecting with the elements of your life tend to bring along the greatest joy, energy, and
    satisfaction. Do you listen to your own inner voice? If not ask yourself what exactly gives me
    passion and feel with a sense of purpose? Ask yourself this question, take your time to listen to
    that inner voice that connects you to truth and deeper meaning. Everyone deserve to live a life
    that has purpose and connects us to the world we want to live.
  4. Make a list and share with people that can hold you accountable
    Find someone supportive in your circle and share your list of intentions with them. Do something
    today to help you demonstrate your commitment to your intention.
    • What is going right in your life? What are you passionate about?
    • What do you want to cultivate more of in your life?
    • What seems to be working well?
    • What is not going right and how can you make changes?
  5. Make alone time a priority
    There is a saying that says “money can’t buy happiness.” This is relatively true as most material
    things do not exactly bring us happiness. However, taking time alone to cultivate your
    relationship with yourself is key to find who you are and find inner peace.

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